Mobsteel slams FedEx freight delivery truck

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Now here's something we didn't expect at SEMA, or anywhere for that matter: a slammed FedEx delivery truck. Yes, what you're looking at is an actual FedEx delivery truck lowered to the ground that the shipping company commissioned Mobsteel to build.

The truck uses the nose from a 1981 Freightliner, but the rest of it was built from scratch, including the chassis. A 550-horsepower turbocharged Cummins diesel straight six built by Superior sends power to the rear wheels through an ATS stage-three transmission, and the exhaust system runs through the frame.

The truck rides on standard semi-truck wheels with 40-inch tires, and we imagine it rides on hydraulic or air suspension that raises it a bit for driving. Of course, Mobsteel's creation won't be used by FedEx for deliveries, but instead for promotional purposes.

Head over to the photo gallery to take a look at the lowest FedEx truck around.

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