Daihatsu FC凸DECK concept gives everyone the finger

Japanese kei cars may be defined by their small size, but we know and love them more for their wacky shapes and names. And the all-new Daihatsu FC凸DECK nails all three. Heading for a debut in a few weeks at the Tokyo Motor Show, this diminutive concept grabbed our attention not only with its quasi cab-over semi-truck styling but also its snicker-worthy name, which includes a symbol resembling a stylized hand flipping the bird.

The fuel-cell-powered FC凸DECK, which is probably intended to be called the FC Deck (at least based on the name of the 2011 FC Case), is about a foot longer but eight inches narrower than a Scion iQ. We expect to learn more about the FC凸DECK in a few weeks when it's introduced, but between the eight cars unveiled at the Indonesia International Motor Show back in September and the three cars on display in Tokyo, Daihatsu is proving that it isn't just FC'ing around.

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