Daihatsu FC Case Concept is autonomous, high-tech transportation

The one thing that's been missing from this year's Tokyo Motor Show are the inevitable rolling living room concepts of years past. But Daihatsu has come to the rescue with its FC Case concept.

The rolling bread box might not look like much from the outside, but inside it's packed with folding seats and a host of infotainment gadgets. Just as important is the FC's method of propulsion, a variant of hydrogen called hydrazine hydrate or N2H4 H2O (yes, we had to look it up) that's synthesized from nitrogen and hydrogen. Daihatsu says the fuel has a higher energy density and lower flammability, but more intriguing is the delivery. Hydrazine hydrate can supposedly be transported and inserted into the vehicle much like gasoline, which takes care of that pesky infrastructure situation. Couple that with some kind of autonomous driving system and it's not hard to imagine a fleet of FCs running down the highway at speed, bumper-to-bumper, cleanly and quickly delivering employees to work in 2035... or something.

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