When it comes to new social media platforms, some automakers jumped on the bandwagon earlier than others. The same could be said of smartphone apps, and if you go back early enough, even websites. But what's certain by now is that these technologies are here to stay – it's only a matter of which is the next big trend. And for many, that's Google Glass.

The cutting-edge device, still in development, could emerge as the ultimate augmented reality experience. And while it's currently limited to a select few developers and early adopters, Mercedes-Benz is betting it will catch on once it hits the market.

That's why the German automaker is developing one of the first automotive apps for Google Glass. We heard rumors that Mercedes was considering such an initiative, but Automotive News has got a few more details to share now that development is moving forward. One of the functions is to continue navigation once out of the car: program in your destination in Google Glass and it'll guide you to where you parked. Get into the car and the in-dash nav system will direct you to where you're going. Park the car and Google Glass takes over again, ushering you from your parking spot to the location itself.

Of course that's just one of the many applications Mercedes is reportedly examining for the technology, with others potentially to include infotainment integration. And you can bet others will soon be following Benz's lead – or already have and simply haven't announced yet.

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