UCS infographics illustrate path to 'half the oil' by 2035

Sometimes, you just need some simple pictures to prove your point. If you're the Union of Concerned Scientists and you want to let people know that "we can half it" (oil use, that it) by supporting more electric cars and biofuel use, then a couple of bright infographics might do the trick.

In the first, UCS points out that it costs $3.45 to drive 100 miles on electricity, and $13.52 on gasoline and, if EV sales continue to rise to the point where they make up 40 percent of all new vehicles sold in the US, we could save nearly 1.5 million barrels of oil per day in 2035. In the second infographic, the issue is better biofuel. UCS says that, by 2035, we could potentially use 610 million dry tons of biomass resources (400 million from energy crops and 210 million from waste and residues). The target is 40 billion gallons of sustainable cellulosic biofuel made annually by, again, 2035. As you can probably guess, the UCS' target for cutting our oil use in half is 2035.

You can see bigger versions of each infographic here (EVs) and here (biofuels). For more details on the UCS's plan, announced in 2012, read this and check out the UCS Half The Oil site.

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