Are you the Canadian-born Magnum MK5 sports car [UPDATE]

A few days ago, we brought you news of the upcoming Magnum MK5, a Canadian-built "high performance two-seater lightweight supercar" that is scheduled for an official debut on October 30. Short of that description and timeframe for viewing, we didn't know very much at all about the curious new offering from the Great White North.

Until Autoblog reader Clay caught some very interesting video footage, that is...

Now, to be clear, we have no idea what the car in these videos actually is. You'll see below that the car Clay shot in downtown Montreal is hardly ever out of a shadowy position while filming some burnout scenes in a cleared street. But its extremely long hood and short rear deck match the proportions of the covered car images we were teased with from MK5, as does the curvaceous tilt of those front fenders, (even if the covered car in the official teaser may be a roadster). What's more, the turbo-informed, small displacement soundtrack apparent in the video would seem to jive with the notion of a lightweight sporting machine.

What do you say, eagle-eyed reader? Is this the Magnum MK5 doing donuts, or something else entirely? Watch the videos below and then sound off in Comments.

UPDATE: It would appear that this shadowy mystery car is not the Magnum MK5, but rather the little-known Felino CB7 out of Quebec, though we do not yet have official confirmation as such.

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