It was only a matter of time before our neighbors to the north, perhaps fed up with not having a major homegrown automaker, turned to the street-legal track-day car market as a handful of Mexican companies have done in recent years, such as Mastretta with its MXT and VŪHL with the 05. Enter the MK5, which Canadian manufacturer Magnum claims offers "racecar performance and supercar build quality and styling."

The car will be officially unveiled on October 30 on Magnum's website, so until then a teaser video with the lightweight two-seater sitting under a car cover will have to suffice. But from its silhouette, we can tell it's an open-top machine and, if we had to guess, has its engine in the front.

Watch the teaser video and check out the press release below for some more information on the car and Magnum, a company that has been part of the motorsports scene since 1968.

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Magnum MK5 - Racecar Performance with Supercar Styling

Well known Canadian racecar manufacturer Magnum Cars to unveil new lightweight supercar.

Montreal, Canada, October 16, 2013 - Magnum will be unveiling its new high performance two-seater lightweight supercar on October 30, 2013. Named the MK5, Magnum's new offering is both street-legal and track-focused. Boasting racecar performance and supercar build quality and styling, the Magnum MK5 will be the first creation from Canada to hit the international track-day car market.

With the development program completed, including extensive track testing, the Magnum MK5 is ready for its unveiling to the world. Tune in on Friday October 30 when Magnum reveals the details about the MK5 at

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About Magnum | A History of Success
Created in 1968, Magnum Cars has made a name for itself in the motorsport world building open-wheel formula cars. Magnum racecars have been driven to success by several different drivers, including Formula 1 legend-to-be Gilles Villeneuve.

For more than four decades, Magnum's expertise has also been applied to developing and fabricating specialized parts for many kinds of vehicles from all levels of racing. With an impeccable reputation for precision work, original founder Jean-Pierre St-Jacques and the Magnum team were highly regarded even by numerous Formula 1 teams, working with the likes of Lotus, AGS, Larousse, Williams, and Renault, to name a few, during the Canadian F1 GP weekends over the years.

Today, Magnum is making a statement with its latest project. With well-rounded and successful race car driver Bruno St-Jacques now at the helm, Magnum is entering a new segment of the specialized automotive world with a strong vision and focus: take the lead in the lightweight supercar category using the latest technologies, techniques and material, bold styling and forward thinking mindset to pioneer a refined and innovative driving platform.

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