Lamborghini debuted its Veneno, a controversial $3.9-million piece of automotive sculpture that just happened to have a 750-horsepower V12 in the back, to stunned crowds at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. During that release, it was revealed that the 220-mile-per-hour two-seater would be limited to a mere three units, all of which were already spoken for.

We feel like those three very wealthy individuals may have endured a spot of buyer's remorse, though, after Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann recently confirmed that a Veneno Roadster was in the works. That's understood to be this very car, a $4.5 million, topless version of the Veneno. Vital stats for the roadster include a 0-62-mph sprint of just 2.9 seconds and a top speed that can match its closed-roof counterpart.

Where the Veneno Roadster departs from the coupe, aside from its much higher price ($600,000 for a removable roof panel!), is in its availability. There's an infinitesimally small chance that you'll ever encounter one of the three Veneno Coupes, which is why we encourage you to check out our exclusive gallery - it's almost as good as being there. There's a substantially better chance – albeit still very small – that you'll run into a Roadster. Lamborghini is understood to be planning a total run of nine units, compared to the three hardtops. Even so, these knife-edged hypercars figure to be as rare as hen's teeth.

If we're starting to see such official-looking leaked images, it seems likely that a formal debut is around the corner. We'll follow this one as more information becomes available.

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