As driving real cars is losing steam with teenagers and young adults, playing with digital devices is gaining popularity. Instead of buying that aftermarket exhaust or an interior lighting package, you may head out and pick up the latest racing wheel to play your favorite racing game. In the case of Microsoft's forthcoming Xbox One, wheel and pedal setups for Forza Motorsport 5 will be modular and offer better force feedback than in the past, giving you more reasons not to go out and drive a real car.

The modular wheel and pedal setups solve that age-old problem of balancing wants and needs. If you want a nice high-tech wheel, such as the Ferrari 458-inspired wheel seen in the video, you can buy it, enjoy it and come back later to pick up the pedals, for example - or any other accessories that could help you set fast laps.

Xbox One accessories will also use new feedback equations that allow for more dynamic force feedback based on what's happening in the game. Microsoft's director of strategic alliance, Branden Powell, explains the concept much better in the video below.

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