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Silver lining of government shutdown? Empty park roads

You remember Zach Bowman, right? Formerly-of-Autoblog Zach? Project Ugly Horse Zach? Now-at-Road-and-Track Zach? That's the guy. Mr. Bowman is still terrifying the peoples of Tennessee with his machinations, and sent us a link to this report about how he's handling the government shutdown. Even before we clicked we knew that a demonstration of civil disobedience might be involved, and a motorcycle. And we were right. Upon hearing this nation's park system had been shuttered and the national forests of Tennessee emptied of human detritis, Zach did what we love Zach for: he went where the people weren't.

All kidding aside, Zach's neither reckless nor looks for trouble, and once you read (and watch) what he did, we think you'll agree with the eloquently expressed parting thought from his accompanying video: "That was a thing."

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