Video of Maryland School Buses Running Stop Signs Posted on YouTube

School buses in Prince George's County, Maryland were caught on camera blowing through stop signs near school grounds. Video of the offending buses was uploaded to YouTube by concerned parent Troy Lucas Sr. He took the video after complaints to the school district went ignored.

"You're in the community with kids walking from school, parents walking to get their kids, students driving to and from school. It's a serious problem," Lucas told WTTG. "You get blindsided by a bus with kids on it and it's a problem for you and everyone on the bus as well."

Prince George County Public Schools released a statement saying they are currently investigating the matter and that all bus drivers are required to adhere to Maryland state law.

When Lucas returned with his camera phone this week he filmed every bus stopping at the stop sign, and two staffers monitoring the drivers. Lucas told WTTG he will continue to keep an eye out for trouble in his neighborhood.

As for the safety of the students aboard those buses, Maryland is among the 44 states that have no laws that require the availability of seat belts for students on school buses. Only about 20 percent of the nation's 480,000 school buses have seat belts installed.

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