Mercedes moving ahead with S-Class coupe, convertible

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With its uninterrupted pillarless roof design and more curved surfaces than a Frank Gehry building, the S-Class Coupe concept that Mercedes presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month left some wondering if a convertible version was really required. But the latest reports indicate that Daimler is putting the concept into production both with a roof and without.

According to Automotive News, the production S-Class coupe will arrive early next year, with a convertible version to follow in 2015. Both will be available with twin-turbocharged V8 and V12 engines, but the convertible will differ with a folding fabric roof. In the absence of a BMW 8 Series or a two-door Audi A7 or droptop, the two-door S-Class twins will more directly target the Bentley Continental GT and GTC, which also offer twin-turbo eight- and twelve-cylinder options.

The new additions will further expand the S-Class range that will also include sedans in short-, long- and extra-long wheelbases as well as the rumored Pullman limousine that is expected to fill the void left by the cancellation of the Maybach brand. The new S-Class cabriolet will also join a staggering array of Mercedes convertibles, which currently includes the E-Class Cabrio and SL, SLK and SLS roadsters, a lineup expected to grow with upcoming SLA, SLC and C-Class convertibles in the coming years.

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