Koenigsegg gets its own certified pre-owned program

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Certified pre-owned programs are a great option if you're looking for a well-maintained, newer vehicle that has some kind of warranty, without paying full price. As it's a good system, there are a lot of automakers that now offer a CPO option. The newest and perhaps most surprising purveyor of gently used vehicles, though, is Koenigsegg.

Celebrating its tenth year of production, a landmark year for any boutique hypercar manufacturer, there are now enough Koenigseggs in the world to warrant a program for secondhand buyers. As one of the big hurdles of buying a used supercar isn't the price, but the cost of maintenance, this seems like a great idea.

To be eligible for the pre-owned program, cars are, of course, thoroughly inspected by Koenigsegg, and are fully refurbished, bring them as close to factory condition as possible. Vehicles come with a two-year warranty and free service, if sold from an authorized dealer. Ignoring what will easily be a six-figure price tag, that does kind of sound like a bad bargain. Scroll down for the official press release from Koenigsegg.
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Koenigsegg Automotive AB proudly introduces the "Koenigsegg Pre Owned Certification Program".

The program is designed and structured to offer warranty and a level of service close to what is offered on a new Koenigsegg vehicle.

Koenigsegg is celebrating 10 years of production this year. With production numbers now reaching over 100 cars, we recognized the need to introduce a pre owned program to facilitate a healthy second hand market for our vehicles, and give buyers of pre owned cars peace of mind to enjoy their car to its fullest.

For a vehicle to be eligible for the "Koenigsegg Pre Owned Certification Program" it needs to undergo an arduous inspection process as well as be updated and refurbished according to criteria's set by Koeningsegg Automotive AB. This effectively means that all cars sold from official Koenigsegg representatives are in top condition with all factory upgrades performed.

The Koenigsegg Pre Owned Certification Program is exclusively for and only available through official Koenigsegg representatives. We offer up to 2 year factory warranty and free service on approved pre owned vehicles sold from an official Koenigsegg representative.

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