15-year-old daughter of Monticello Motor Club prez is a Radical hot shoe

When this author was 15 years old, he was busy not being very good at cross country and too nervous to ask a cheerleader to homecoming. It's safe to say that 15-year-old Aurora Straus's teenage years have been far more exciting, as she's already spent time racing a Porsche Boxster and that opium for the gearhead known as Spec Miata.

How does a teenager find their way behind the wheel of such serious cars? Well, having a father that runs the prestigious Monticello Motor Club seems to help. Her dad, Ari, is the president at Monticello, so it makes sense that she'd start her time on the track before having a driving license. This video, which popped at CarBuzz and is posted below, shows her circling Monticello in a Radical SR3, her first time driving the car, in a lead-follow exercise with track instructor Corey Lewis.

And if, like us, you're wondering why she doesn't seem to be going at full clip, dad provides an explanation in the YouTube comments, saying, "She turned 15 a week ago, and this video is her first time ever driving this car. She's embarrassed that the video was posted since she's driving five-tenths and not hitting close to redline." She does a pretty good job for a first drive. Scroll down for the full video.

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