Quick-Thinking Teen Rescues Man From Car Sinking In River

Victim may have been driving drunk, police say

A Connecticut teenager saved the life of an alleged drunk driver who drove into a local marina and found his vehicle submerged in water.

It happened Saturday night in Guilford, Conn.

Nineteen-year-old Peter Schioppo II and his friends were hanging out on the dock of the Guildford Marina and watched as a Buick drove into the water nearby. "There were no brake lights on," Schioppo told ABC News, which first reported the story. "We looked at each other, not believing it actually happened."

The group of teens ran toward the car. While others dialed 911, Schioppo waded into neck-deep water on the shores of the East River, punched out the rear window and pulled the unnamed victim from the car. He and his friends then brought the man ashore.

The driver will face charges on suspicion of driving while intoxicated, a Guilford police officer tells ABC.

About 400 people die every year when their cars are submerged in water. Here's a quick video which shows how to escape just such a situation.

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