Houston Police Chief Suspended After Pedestrian Hit

Chief will also take defensive driving lessons

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland has been suspended without pay for one day after accidentally striking a pedestrian earlier this month.

McClelland made a left turn and struck James Harris, who had a green light to cross. Harris was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital but released soon after.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker handed down the punishment, noting any other member of the police department wouldn't be so severally censured, but the police chief needed to be held to a higher example. ABCLocal reported a Houston Police Department spokesman said the chief will not receive a citation, as the lost of a day's wages is greater than a failure-to-yield ticket.

McClelland told KHOU 11 he pledges to be more attentive and will ask officers to monitor the crosswalk during rush hours. He will also take a defensive driving course, and the accident will be on McClelland's driving record.

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