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Browse every vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V

The "Auto" portion of Grand Theft Auto V may represent the beating heart of the game that's currently storming the world, but don't be confused into thinking that this is a cars-only kind of affair. Veterans of the franchise will recognize that GTA has long offered vehicular experiences of all stripes, on land, sea and in the air, and the fifth iteration, it does so more than ever.

There are something like 200 wheeled conveyances to pick from (eventually) in Grand Theft Auto V; be they cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, four-wheelers, etc. That's a nice complement to the dozens of watercraft, aircraft and, well, oddball crap (airplane docking tug, forklift, tunnel digger of some kind).

We're still putting together our review of the game – hey, it's a big game and we're used to writing about cars – but there's no reason that should stop you from cruising a visual description of every known vehicle in GTA V. Do so here, thanks to the screen-capping mad scientists at, and drink your fill of digital vehicle grandeur.

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