2014 Renault Mégane gets a nose job [w/video]

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The 2014 Renualt Mégane is on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show, flaunting its nose job as the latest vehicle in Renault's lineup updated to reflect new brand styling, which can be seen in cars such as the Clio and Twingo. All versions of the Mégane are receiving the new, bigger grille with gloss-black vent slats and a bigger Renault logo: Hatch (pictured), Sport Tourer, Coupé, Renaultsport and GT models. Pretty soon all Renaults will adopt similar front-end styling cues.

The Hatch, Sport Tourer and Coupé will share front bumpers, hoods and new elliptical headlights with daytime running lights that stretch around the side of the car, though Renault says they'll maintain unique identities. The Renaultsport and GT versions will get new headlights with gloss-black "eyelids," according to a previous press release, but it's not mentioned if they will share any other parts.

The Mégane also is now available with a dual-clutch automatic transmission if paired with the TCe 130 petrol engine, which Renault says has been tuned to have faster throttle response by upgrading engine and transmission control software.

Current Méganes have a less-distinctive grille, and the Renault logo is also smaller, but considering what the Mégane looked like before the current generation was released in 2008, these mid-life styling updates are pretty mild. Feel free to take a look at the press release below, or kick back and watch a video presentation of the work Renault has done.
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Renault is upgrading the Mégane range, giving it a more dynamic look, as well as the brand's latest equipment and cutting-edge technologies including the Renault R-Link connected multimedia system.

The Mégane line-up is the first to be fitted with the 130hp petrol engine mated to the EDC transmission. Travelling comfort and driving pleasure remain the keywords for the brand's quality flagship. The performance line-up, including Mégane GT and Renaultsport, are also being upgraded. The new line-up will be launched in the UK in the first-quarter of 2014.

New identity for the Mégane range

As with all the new vehicles in the range, the Renault Mégane family is taking on the new brand identity. Mégane Hatch, Coupé and Sport Tourer now feature a new bumper, new vent grilles and a new hood bearing the enlarged Renault logo set against a gloss black background.

The models in the Mégane family have also been revitalised by new elliptical headlights and new daytime running lights that stretch along the outer edges of the bumper.

"Our goal with the new design was to keep the special features of each vehicle, but have them share the same bumper panels. Fitted with the new bonnet and bumper, the Mégane range maintains a sense of styling harmony through its wings and rear components. The integration of the new identity on the front end also gives Mégane a new look that is fully consistent with the brand's other vehicles."

Jean-Philippe Texier - Design project manager for the M1 range

The styling upgrade has strengthened the elegance and contemporary air of Mégane Hatch, confirmed the appeal of Mégane Coupé with its ever-dynamic design lines, and safeguarded the practicality of Mégane Sport Tourer while emphasising the flow of its body styling.

The interior of the Mégane range features a multi-directional joystick on the central console for browsing the Renault R-Link multimedia interface, which made its debut on the range in mid-2013.

A new arrival in the petrol range with the TCe 130 EDC

The Mégane family of vehicles is now available with the EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) automatic transmission on the TCe 130 engine (without Stop & Start). The engineering department has re-tuned the engine by bringing in the turbo function faster and more frequently for enhanced performance. The re-tuning involved upgrading engine and transmission control software to improve acceleration and pick-up. The EDC automatic transmission gains new shift pattern management.

A benchmark in quality

Mégane III ranks among the most reliable cars in its segment, according to a number of surveys conducted by independent organizations. The ADAC 2012 (Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club) survey ranks Mégane as "good" or even "excellent" over the service period between 2007 and 2012. Models built in 2009, 2010 and 2011 are consistently ranked as "excellent", confirming the reliability of Mégane III over time.

In a survey published in March 2013, French trade publication Automobile Magazine described Mégane III as combining excellent build quality with exceptional reliability. France's best-selling vehicle in its category in 2012, the third generation is a "sound investment in the new vehicle market" (Source: Automobile Magazine).

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