Aston Martin DBC Concept would be a gorgeous new direction for the brand

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The world may never see a mid-engine Aston Martin. Never, ever. Why? Because grand touring, which is and has always been what Aston Martin is about, goes about as well with a mid-engined layout as whiskey goes with wasabi. Why do you think Ferrari and Bentley, also notable GT manufacturers, keep their big, comfortable and fast vehicles with the engine in front?

That said, if Aston were to suddenly decide that it wanted a piece of the Ferrari 458 Italia or McLaren MP4-12C, we sincerely hope the resulting car would look at least half as good as this concept car, designed by Samir Sadikhov. It's called the DBC, and it is an absolute stunner, perfectly integrating Aston Martin's traditional design cues - look at this profile shot of the DBC alongside the DBR1 - and current styling trends with a mid-engined layout that is a dramatic departure from the long hood and short deck of the current cars.

Sadikhov isn't some new kid on the block, though. The Azerbaijani captured second place in the Ferrari World Design Contest with his Xerzri Concept. As for the DBC, according to his website, one of his goals was to create a car with parts that "could be easily carried over into a production car." We like the sound of that. Aston Martin, we'll take ours with the V12 Vantage S engine mounted amidships, a six-speed manual, and British Racing Green paint. Make it so. Head over to Sadikhov's site for a full look at the DBC Concept.

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