Talk to utility grid operators and, for the most part, they will tell you that electric vehicles pose little-to-no threat to the electric grid in the US. Except, sometimes, EVs can make the power go out. Not from the simple act of plugging in and charging, but from a more traditional danger: crashing. Someone alert Stephen Colbert and the Threatdown.

A Tesla Model S recently crashed into a utility pole in Murfreesboro, TN, and managed to black out local power for a few hours. The driver was taken to the hospital but there are no reports of injuries.

We know, this is a thin story, but the irony caught our eye. What's more interesting is seeing how EVs, still new and pretty rare in some areas, are approached in an accident situation. On that front, local radio station WGNS says utility workers knew how to fix the downed wires, but emergency personnel were slightly slowed by the Model S. The first responders had to both check out the Tesla website and also contact the company directly:

Before police could release the electric vehicle to be loaded onto the flatbed wrecker, they had to secure information on how to turn off the Tesla Model S. Officials received technical instructions, and the all electric 4-door car was shut down.

Learn something new every day.

*UPDATE: WGNS now says driver is now charged with a DUI.

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