Motorcyclist attacked by grumpy ram

My cat Prytania is an enigma. Some days she'll sleep all morning and afternoon, and not make a single peep. Other days, she'll get so irritated if I haven't let her outside first thing in the morning that she'll make a claws-out attack on my feet as I walk by her. Who can truly know the mind of an animal?

For a more dramatic version of human/animal misunderstanding, please see the video that follows. A motorcyclist, riding up what we're told is a pretty steep path, is stopped dead in his track by one very surly ram (no, not that kind of Ram). What ensues is a gnarly round of head-butting, sheep-grappling, hands waiving and more. In all, it makes a cat attack seem like kitten's play.

Note that the force with which the ram is hitting is great enough that the biker was afraid to turn around and head downhill, for fear that his foe's next strike would break his leg. Scroll down to see the standoff for yourself.

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