Brazil gets to showcase two of its passions next year: biofuels and soccer. The world's largest biofuel producer is hosting the World Cup next year, and visitors will be traveling around in biodiesel buses. It should be cleaner – and safer – than hanging out of car windows.

Delegations from competing teams will take trips in buses fueled by 20 percent blend biodiesel (B20) that comes from recycled oil. Brazilian company Biotechnos Projetos Autossustentaveis is developing the recycled biodiesel as part of the 2014 World Cup Brazil Promotion Plan. Biotechnos has set up 40 projects in host cities, according to Marcia Werle, the company's chairwoman of the board. The first one, in Rio de Janeiro, has supplied biodiesel to generators that were used during the World Youth Journey in July. Airbus is also considering running biofuel flights for the teams coming to South America for the tournament.

Biofuel projects in the cities of Brasilia, Fortaleza and Belo Horizonte are also underway, Werle said. The projects are expected to produce 25 million liters (about 6.6 million gallons) of biodiesel. They're hoping it will be a showcase during the World Cup, and for it to become a legacy. Biotechnos has brought in several different partners to the project that it's named Bioplanet. Some of the partners include non-government organizations collecting household oil that is then processed into biodiesel.

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