World Cup crash test – Click above to watch video after the jump

Unless you've spent any time overseas during a World Cup celebration, you really can't comprehend how crazy fans go for their respective teams. With the event only coming around once every four years, everyone has plenty of time to let their craziness build up, and as a result, localities explode with flags of every origin and diehards take to the streets to profess their team pride. Naturally, that includes hanging out of every available car window and sunroof with air horns in hand.

Now, we don't speak German, so we have little to no idea who initiated this video after the jump, but it's worth checking out. A safety organization wanted to show just what happens when a vehicle gets into a low-speed accident with its occupants dangling outside of the body structure – a World Cup crash test. As you might imagine, it doesn't go well for a bunch of crash-test dummy fans when their Audi A6 Avant meets an immovable object.

So remember kids, keep your hands, heads and torso inside of the vehicle at all times, or the ze Germans will ruin a perfectly good long roof as punishment.

[Source: YouTube]

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