Mercedes celebrates its service departments with ill-advised anthem

Worker anthems are always dicey (Exhibit A: the Hyundai Steel song), focused as they are on ideologies and products that usually don't register beyond the bounds of the factory floor and burdened with dirge-like tunes and queerly reverential lyrics. Mercedes-Benz created a peppy tribute to its service department workers called Your Best that avoids the morass of the dirge but doubles down on the queer lyrics. Thanks to it being on YouTube, it also comes with imagery that is the closest we think we've ever come to service department erotica.

As far as we can tell the song is from the standpoint of a Mercedes trilling hosannas to company wrenches. The taste of the lyrics above should tell you all you need in order to hit the 'play' button, but if you need more, two lines later comes "I don't like when they hit the brakes, want them to keep up with my speed."

Alrighty then. You'll find the short version and the five-minute version (!) below.

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