BMW Ultimate Swimming Machine leaves German police feeling soggy

Four men were pulled over in the German town of Eibenstock in what a police report described as "a convertible of a slightly different kind." What made this BMW 3 Series Convertible different? It was filled with 530 gallons of water. Yes, four German men had turned their car into a swimming pool.

The beige BMW drew the attention of the German polizei after an officer noticed water sloshing over the sides. Following the car into a parking lot, the four occupants hopped out and made a run for it, according to Der Spiegel. Deutsch police are evidently a bit more assertive when it comes to immobilizing vehicles, as the officers reportedly bled the car's tires of air and went so far as to disconnect the engine's spark plug wires. The police believe the men were under water under the influence when they fled the scene, and may issue charges, but there's no mention of whether they'll be cited for a lack of proper flotation devices.

The convertible had been sealed with "synthetic material," and was complete with wood railings and Hawaiian-style decorations. We're quite partial to the work done on the steering wheel. Sadly, the unusual amphibious car only had one functioning gear and a top speed of just 15.5 miles per hour. When asked by German tabloid Bild about the outing, one of the men gave a stock response in this sort of situation: "the ride was a stupid idea."

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