Razor Crazy Cart may be the coolest kid-size drift car money can buy

It might as well be a fact that if you want to get ahead in the world of motorsports, you need to start young. And since most toddlers can't see over the wheel or reach the pedals in an actual car, karts are the most logical option. Unfortunately, big league karts are not cheap.

Enter the Crazy Cart, from Razor. Somehow, we doubt there's ever been a better way of teaching a small child about car control. With four corner-mounted castors and a single electrically powered wheel below the steering column, the Crazy Cart can make any pre-schooler a drifting master. That central wheel can turn 360 degrees, which blesses the Crazy Cart with sublime agility and ease of control. A tiny handbrake is also available, for even more lurid sliding.

Of course, there are concerns. One Autoblog staffer called it "a pediatrician's nightmare," and while it does look stable, we'd be inclined to agree. And then there's the $400 asking price. While it's expensive, it's probably a lot cheaper than dropping money on a kart, only to find out that your kid isn't all that into it. And besides, as the video shows, it can handle an adult.

In that case, we'll take seven. Check out the video below for the full rundown of the Crazy Cart's abilities.

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