The "buy our product and leave your mundane life behind" call to action is a time-honored marketing trope for all kinds things, from light beers (any of which are capable of turning your sleepy weeknight into an impromptu supermodel-infested club outing) to hair replacement solutions (just look at how confident that guy looks while water skiing!). But few do this zero-to-hero, take-control-of-your-destiny schtick as well as the auto industry.

Case in point, this new HSV ad for the 580-horsepower Gen-F GTS, Australia's latest and greatest high-powered Holden sedan. This indulgent two-minute long television urges Aussies to cast off the shackles of their everyday lives and take a stand by taking a seat – behind the wheel. Yes, it's pretty clear that we're being manipulated, but when the manipulation looks and sounds as fierce as all this, well, we're willing to temporarily unplug our brains and give in... if only for a moment. If you're keen to do the same, scroll down to view the video.

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