A new app for Glass, the wearable smart device from tech giant Google, provides Tesla Model S owners with a futuristic way to control their futuristic ride. The appropriately named GlassTesla app was designed by Sahas Katta, an "aspiring tech evangelist" based in San Jose, Calif. A website dedicated to the app provides a first person view of GlassTesla's features, which include vehicle location services and the ability to view and control charge status, climate control and door locks, all from the bridge of your nose.

The interface was designed using HTML5 and CSS3 on Windows Azure, with Python on Google AppEngine serving as the backend development platform, according to Katta's comments on Twitter. He revealed on Google+ that development of the unofficial app relied heavily on "a deep look at" Tesla's own Android-based app.

For those who happen to own both a Tesla Model S and Google Glass, the app can be installed directly from the GlassTesla website.

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