UK's Teva Motors announces extended-range diesel-hybrid truck

One UK company has got some big names, big supporters and big countries behind its (probably) big truck.

Teva Motors says it is building an electric truck that will come with a diesel-powered range extender and will have a 7.5-ton payload. The company is led by Malcolm Power, former vice president of engineering for the Tesla Roadster, and says it's getting ready to make what it calls a "genuine mass market electric vehicle."

Teva isn't disclosing a lot of specifics, but does say it has "support" (whatever that means) from UPS as well as a partnership with China's biggest exporter of diesel trucks. You can see Teva's press release below.
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Teva Motors: A UK Company Following Tesla Down the Road to Electric Vehicle Success

LONDON, June 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Teva Motors today introduces its team, made up from the very best in the Electric Vehicle industry, which is leading the development of a genuine mass market Electric Vehicle (EV). The team will be speaking at the Automotive Cleantech Conference in London on 27th June:

Malcolm Powell - ex Lotus and VP engineering for the Tesla Roadster in the US - has brought his experience back to the UK and got together with EV entrepreneurs Asher Bennett and Trevor Power, to attack what he sees as the next big market opportunity for EVs: the back-to-base delivery truck market.

Unlike consumer vehicles, fleet buyers look at lifetime costs - where EVs excel - and not the ticket price. But range is the critical factor. "Green is good, but not if you don't deliver the goods," says Asher Bennett. Teva overcomes the range issue with its Diesel Range Extender .

The range extended drivetrain eliminates range limitations but retains the cost and environmental benefits. Typically the small on-board diesel might be used for just a short time each day to re-charge the battery, but that makes all the difference. It also allows the battery to be used to its full potential, so you get the maximum benefits from cheap night-time electricity.

Teva has signed a partnership with China's largest diesel truck exporter. For a company which makes over 1000 trucks a day to work with a young company like Teva was a real victory and evidences the quality and track record of the team - and the depth of automotive talent and heritage in the UK.

Teva has made considerable progress already. It has taken delivery of the prototype chassis from China and has gained support from customers such as UPS. All development and final assembly will take place in the UK.

Malcolm Powell explains: "Using an existing chassis is vital to getting the cost down. This is what we did at Tesla with the Lotus chassis. Our expertise is in the drivetrain and battery, not the rest of the truck, so why re-invent the wheel?"

Asher Bennett, CEO, said: "The market has clearly told us that electric vehicles must be operationally competitive, they must never run out of range, and they must cost less than diesel vehicles. This is what Teva Motors is delivering."

Teva Motors

Teva Motors was founded in the UK in 2012 to develop the first 7.5 tonne Diesel Range Extended Electric Truck for the back-to-base delivery market. It has a partnership with one of the largest manufacturers of trucks in the world to provide the truck's chassis and is developing the key drivetrain and associated technology in the UK.

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