If you listen to the accountants of the world, the Morgan Aero Coupe simply shouldn't exist. With a production run of around 100 units, this car is the very definition of boutique. It reeks of nonsensical transportation. It isn't the fastest. It doesn't handle the best. It isn't even the most luxurious. As such, there simply isn't a business case for the car on paper. Count us among the thankful that human desire has nothing to do logic. XCAR recently took the time to get personal with the Aero Coupe by exercising the machine through downtown London at night. The result is some beautiful videography of what Morgan calls "automotive theater."

It's a damn fine way to spend six and a half minutes of your day. You can watch the clip below for yourself to see what we mean. Just don't blame us if you start looking at your daily ride with a more jaundiced eye.

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