Germany-based Bosch will install wireless charging stations at the homes of Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt drivers for about $3,000 each, implying that a wireless system is worth about $2,500 in convenience compared to cord systems, Plug In Cars says.

Bosch Automotive Service's installation of the 240-volt station, which will be made by Evatran, will include a wall unit, floor charger and vehicle adopter. The system allows wireless "induction" charging between a floor pad and a vehicle adapter. Bosch Power Max recently announced a conventional home charging system that costs $449. Bosch says it's developing wireless charging systems for other models as well, and is offering financing options that stretch for as far as five years.

Since early last year, Evatran has been joining up with public and private partners to get its Plugless Power wireless some notoriety. Last September, it reached an agreement with both Google and the Los Angeles Deptartment of Water and Power to test the wireless charging systems.

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