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Volkswagen Touareg facelift in the works?

Every once in a while, we get a set of spy shot images that come through that are almost impossible to tell what's going on. It's just the nature of the spy shot game, but that's exactly what we have here with these images showing a Volkswagen Touareg out testing.

While it's totally possible that Volkswagen is refreshing its midsize SUV after a handful of years on the market, there just don't seem to be enough changes on this model to back that up – particularly the fact that the headlights and taillights appear to remain unchanged, though there could be alterations hiding underneath the camouflage. Another possibility is that this is a mule for a new engine or powertrain still in development, which could be more likely judging by the numerous wires and sensors that are visible, the different exhaust outlets and the front fascia that looks to bring more airflow to the engine compartment. Either way, it looks like there are changes in store for VW's near-lux off-roader.

Volkswagen Touareg Information

Volkswagen Touareg

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