What is it about public bathrooms that screams driver safety marketing opportunity?

Earlier this week we wrote about Mini scaring women in the ladies room with airbags installed in soap dispensers. Their aim was to educate women on the dangers of applying makeup while driving.

Would a similar tactic be effective with men? A new campaign in the U.K. now has guys on the defensive in bathrooms. Only this campaign makes more sense. In men's bathrooms, in pubs across the U.K, the marketing firm Leo Burnett placed mirrors that simulate a gory impact. While men groom in between drinks, the mirror randomly shatters and a bloody face appears as if someone had been thrown through a windshield in an accident.

Their filmed reactions are just as priceless as the ladies'.

This campaign makes sense. The lads are in a pub to drink and this campaign is aimed to stop them from driving home intoxicated. There are also firmer numbers to back up the public safety threat of drinking and driving than the distracted driving campaign tied to makeup application. According to the Department of Transport there were an estimated 9,900 car accident casualties in the U.K. which involved alcohol in 2011.

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