Fact: Women often wear make up to work

Fact: Women often drive cars to work.

Therefore: Women applying makeup while driving to work causes 22% of accidents.

That's MINI's logic as it tackles the real scourge of Mexican roadways. Forget drunk driving, or texting while driving, or even plain old speeding. No, they're going after the real threat to drivers: Women applying make up. They plan on doing this by scaring them straight in the place where they're supposed to be putting on make up ... and filming the reactions.

Yeah, it doesn't make much sense to us either.

As workers refit airbags and install them in bathroom mirrors disguised as soap dispensers Mini gives us the ad's grand thesis.

"For their safety and the safety of others we demonstrate that there's a time and place for everything" the text reads.

Wouldn't that time and place be in a ladies room in front of a mirror? One would think these women would now be more apt to apply make up in the car, since now that they can't even trust bathroom mirrors. After exploding the airbags in women's faces as they attempt to touch up their lip gloss the ad tells us that 22% of car accidents are caused by women. Which surely must all be caused by makeup application, 'cause you know those ditzy gals!

No word yet on how Mini plans to hilariously educate the 78% of male drivers who cause all those other accidents.

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