Peugeot's diesel-hybrid Onyx Concept will hit the road at UK's Goodwood fest

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Peugeot looks like it's ratcheting the good-old British-French rivalry up a notch by bringing its Onyx diesel-hybrid concept car at England's Goodwood Festival of Speed this July, according to Hybrid Cars.

The French automaker will use the festival to road-test the futuristic-looking vehicle, whose touches include door "wings," a carbon-fiber shell and a partially copper exterior that will change colors as it oxidizes.

Peugeot first showed off the Onyx at the Paris Motor Show last September. The 2,400-pound car has a 3.7-liter, V8 diesel engine that delivers 600 horsepower paired with an electric motor that has another 80 horsepower, making this concept car, well, tres rapide.

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