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Zero gets electric motorcycles ready for police duty in Hong Kong

Zero officially became many as the maker of electric motorcycles had its largest single-fleet sale to the city of Hong Kong.

The company, Zero Motorcycles, is distributing its bikes in eastern Asia through Yuen Ho Trading Co. (you didn't expect the Tesla Motors sales model, did you?) and sold 59 Zero S e-motorcycles to Hong Kong, most of which will be used by the police department. The Hong Kong Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department will also be using some of the really quiet two-wheelers.

The model-year 2012 motorcycles, which have an 89-mile single-charge range and a top speed of 88 miles per hour, "have been up fitted with a series of components developed exclusively for traffic enforcement, "were also retrofitted especially for law-enforcement purposes" but did not disclose the details of the upgrades. We do know that, compared to MY 2012, the 2013 models are about 10 percent faster and have about a 10-percent longer single-charge range. Check out Zero Motorcycles' press release below.
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- Yuen Ho Trading Company Announced as Official Zero Distributor in Hong Kong Brokering New Fleet Deal -
- Hong Kong Police Department and Other Government Agencies to Begin Using Zero S Police Motorcycles -

HONG KONG (May 16, 2013) – Zero Motorcycles, the global leader in the electric motorcycle industry, today announced it has signed its first eastern Asia distributor, Yuen Ho Trading Company, Ltd. (YHT), based in Hong Kong. In celebration of the occasion, Zero Motorcycles representatives were in Hong Kong presenting the Hong Kong government with 59 MY 2012 Zero S motorcycles as part of Zero's single largest fleet sale to date. The majority of the units will be provided to the Hong Kong Police Department for patrolling and special event purposes with a small allocation of the police motorcycles going to the Hong Kong Airport Police for traffic enforcement. The Hong Kong Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department will be using select motorcycles at country parks. The Transport Department will be using a selected number of motorcycles to conduct motorcycle rider examinations, and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department will be using their Zero S motorcycles for general transportation throughout Hong Kong supporting public parks. All 59 motorcycles were purchased by the Hong Kong government through YHT. Zero Motorcycles participated in an open RFP process and was awarded the contract based on meeting criteria in regards to performance, reliability, after sales commitments and the low cost of operation of the Zero S motorcycle.

"This is an incredible new relationship that has been forged between YHT, the Hong Kong government and Zero Motorcycles. Our international authority fleet programs continue to be one of our most successful channels for distribution and we look forward to working with the Hong Kong government on current and future programs," said John Lloyd, Vice President, Global Sales, Zero Motorcycles. "We couldn't put this program together without YHT. They are an invaluable new partner for Zero. It's our intention to keep securing strong partnerships like YHT in Asia as it's one of the fastest growing e-markets in the world."

The Hong Kong government will be using the Zero S motorcycle for a series of different activities, which includes: traffic enforcement and patrolling, special police events, marathon support, country park service and more. All 59 motorcycles are based on Zero's highly popular 2012 MY Zero S. The Zero S has an approximate range of 89 miles on a single charge with a top speed of 88 miles per hour. The Police motorcycles have been up fitted with a series of components developed exclusively for traffic enforcement.

"We are glad to see the Hong Kong Government's order becomes the largest order in Asia. Deploying electric vehicles like the Zero S helps reduce Hong Kong's carbon footprint. We are very passionate about contributing to environmental protection," says Ophelia Lin, General Manager, Yuen Ho Trading Company, Ltd. "To introduce Zero to Hong Kong means a small but impactful contribution in the long term."

Leading up to a highly visible Zero launching ceremony, representatives from Zero held a training session with the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), and conducted rider training for government riders preparing to take part in using their MY 2012 Zero S motorcycles within their particular venues.

The launching ceremony took place on Thursday, May 16, 2013, at the Hong Kong Science Park at the Atrium Link. Guest speakers included:

Mr. Scott Shaw, Chief Commercial Consul, American Consulate General
Mr. Edmond Ho, Principal Environmental Protection Officer (Mobile Sources), Environmental Protection Department
Various governmental officials/representatives from the Hong Kong Police Department, EMSD, Fire Services and US Consulate staff
Representatives from various commercial companies, driving schools and educational institutions
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