Kartelec 2013 brings electric go-cart racing back to France

If you've always wanted to whip a low-slung go-kart around a corner without the noisy rumble of a gas engine behind you – or at least watch – Kartelec 2013 awaits you. For the eighth time, Kartelec will bring students and their battery-powered go-karts the track in Vierzon, France later this month.

The international educational event will bring together more than 40 e-karts that were all designed and built by students from high schools, universities and engineering schools. The competition will take place on a 300-meter track, where the students will participate in a variety of challenges, things like a 50-meter drag race, race for the fastest lap and two endurance runs, of two and four hours.

As you might suspect, Kartelec 2013 is about more than the on-track events, it's about the students actually learning something (see also: the Eco-Marathons). There are the decisions that go into building the karts, of course, but the e-Kart Association is also interested in training students to work on the "electric and hybrid vehicles of the future."

Kartelec 2013 takes place May 23-25. Admission is free. There's a video of the 2012 event below.
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Vierzon, France, 10th of may 2013

The town of Vierzon in France will host the 8th edition of E-Kart, an electric gokart international educational meeting with more than 40 karts designed and built by students. Admission is free.

Vierzon, France, 10th of may 2013 – The E-Kart Association brings together students from high schools, universities and engineering schools who worked on the electric go-kart as part of their studies. For the eighth consecutive year, it organizes an event on electric propulsion to highlight the work of students in different events.

A 300 m track will be built on the parking fairgrounds of Vierzon to accommodate more than 40 karts and 180 students that will demonstrate the performance of their machine during various demonstrations: 50m drag race, fastest lap, 2 and 4 hours of endurance, etc. ..

An educational project:

Thirty teams supervised by their teachers will present the fruits of their labour. Preparation of the chassis, choice of components (batteries, motor, controller), mounting: the subjects of study are numerous not to mention the opportunity to work as a project.

The most experienced teams capitalize on their previous participations and work on more advanced concepts: design of power electronics, LED lighting, data display on a touchscreen dashboard, embedded telemetry and even transmission of images using an on-board camera!

The 2013 edition will also be international since it is welcoming for the first time a Polish team from Warsaw University of Technology.

There is currently no specific training for the design and maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles of the future. The e-Kart Association offers students to train for the vehicles of the future.

This event is organized in collaboration with ASTECH association ( and with the help of technical services of the town of Vierzon.

Practical information:

From Thursday 23rd of May 15h00 to Saturday 25th of May 18h00
Free entrance. Vierzon exhibition center.
206 km south of Paris – 88 km from Orléans – 129 km from Tours – 39 km from Bourges. GPS : Rue Miranda de Ebro, 18100 Vierzon. Latitude: 47.218952 - Longitude: 2.063729
Further information about e-Kart association: Further information about electric go-karts in the world:

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