A lawsuit in New Hampshire, a state where they take their slogan – Live Free or Die – seriously, is setting the city of Keene against a group of citizens fighting "the violent monopoly" by putting money in the about-to-expire parking meters of strangers. The action is known as "Robin Hooding in Keene," and there are various ways in which practitioners do it. The specific activity that the city has a problem with is when the Robin Hooders follow the city's parking enforcement officers and, in the city's words, taunt, interfere, harass and intimidate them. Keene officials say the situation is causing its parking officials to think about quitting.

A spokesman for the Robin Hooders argues that videoing and talking to the enforcement officers isn't harassment. The city isn't suing to get them to stop, but it is suing to establish a 50-foot safety zone around the parking meter officers in order to prevent the interactions. There are six members of the group who are named in the suit.

There are videos of Robin Hooding on YouTube which show what kinds of forms it takes. Let us know if you think it helps or hinders the city's case in the poll below.

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