Baby not keen on VW's stop/start tech

Babies and cars go together like screaming blobs of insomnia and sleep machines. New parents quickly find that nothing soothes an irritable newborn quite like a quick drive around the block, and Volkswagen employed that truth in the company's newest ad for its stop/start technology. The spot follows one new dad as he tries to lull his child to sleep with the burble and purr of his Tiguan TDI. Unfortunately, his efforts are thwarted by the machine's start/stop system at each stop light.

While the clip does a great job of explaining how the start/stop system works and what it does for the buyer, Volkswagen took a bit of a gamble by having the system wake a sleeping babe. Automakers spend plenty of time trying to convince the world that their stop/start gear is as smooth as possible, and while this wee Volkswagen enthusiast falls asleep the moment the diesel engine wakes up, the implication is that the system isn't exactly imperceptible. Check out the
for yourself.

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