Daimler and Aston Martin have been "in discussions" over various matters going back at least five years, when an engine-supply deal from the Germans to the Brits turned into rumors of Daimler looking to buy a piece of Aston Martin. Neither the engines nor the company stake every changed hands, but three years later they were talking about trying a relationship again, this time in the large luxury sedan segment - Daimler would get help with Maybach, Aston Martin would get help with the Lagonda revival. That also came to nothing.

Late last year, when Investment Dar offloaded a share of its stake in Aston Martin to Anglo-Italian equity house Investindustrial, part of the allure was that Investindustrial said it would work to unite Aston Martin with technology and components from AMG. So the talks have begun again.

Although nothing's come of it yet, Bloomberg reports that the English and the Germans have opened dialogue "on supply and technical-cooperation agreements." In November 2012, Investindustrial mentioned getting engines, gearboxes and other technology from AMG - a brand it got to know when it owned Ducati. A tie-up would also help indie player Aston Martin rein in development costs. Daimler is said to be Investindustrial's preferred partner, but the latest chapter has only just begun. We're sure they hope it won't take another five years to get something closed with someone.

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