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Aston Martin's biggest investor considers increasing its stake

Shares in the company crashed almost 50% since it was listed nine months ago

The biggest investor in Aston Martin is considering buying another 3% stake, offering to increase its holding after shares in the luxury carmaker crashed almost 50% since its listing nine months ago. Strategic European Investment Group, part of the Italian private equity group Investindustrial, owns 31% of Aston Martin. It only wants to buy a maximum 3% stake but has to make an offer to all shareholders due to its already large holding.

Aston Martin owners rev up for possible sale or stock IPO

Financial firms are advising, but an IPO sure worked for Ferrari

Financial firms are advising, but an IPO sure worked for Ferrari

MV Agusta debt could open bike maker to Mercedes takeover

MV Agusta's debt restructuring in Italy might open the company to a larger takeover by Mercedes-Benz, which already holds 25 percent of the bike maker.

Cash influx could help Aston Martin double sales

Major capital injection from Investindustrial will launch a whole new line of Aston Martins, set to be announced at the Geneva Motor Show, that could double the company's sales in the coming years.

Ferrari to open second theme park in Spain

If you're a Ferrari fan and are looking for the place to plan your next vacation, Italy is surely the place to go. There's the headquarters, factory, museum and test track in Maranello, the new Enzo Ferrari Museum in neighboring Modena, and the circuit named for Enzo and Dino Ferrari in the nearby Bolognese suburb in <

Daimler discussing collaboration with Aston Martin

Daimler and Aston Martin have been "in discussions" over various matters going back at least five years, when an engine-supply deal from the Germans to the Brits turned into rumors of Daimler looking to buy a piece of Aston Martin. Neither the engines nor the company stake every chang

Aston Martin scores bids from Mahindra and UK equity house

Three weeks, ago Businessweek reported that Investment Dar, Inc. was looking to shed its majority stake in Aston Martin. The Kuwait-based financial firm is apparently seeking to restructure its debt load and has sought $800 million for its 64-percent share in the English automaker. That amount compares to the $925 million that it took for a consortium

Audi to announce Ducati acquisition next week?

According to at least one unnamed source, Audi's purchase of Ducati is as good as done. Reuters reports that Audi has taken a good hard look at Ducati's books and found "no major stumbling blocks."