Nissan Leaf gets big price drop, like $15,000 big, in Australia

A few months and one hemisphere later, Nissan has gotten around to cutting the price of its all-electric Leaf in Australia.

The Japanese automaker has reduced the Leaf price down under to $39,990 AUD (US $40,700), or about $15,000 AUD less than it was charging when the model debuted in Australia last July, according to the Daily Telegraph. At that price, the Leaf will cost about $3,000 AUD more than the Toyota Prius hybrid and about $20,000 AUD less than General Motors' Holden Volt extended-range plug-in. Apparently, only 116 people in Australia bought a Leaf when it cost $51,500.

Around the world, Nissan has been dropping Leaf prices, thanks to building the car on three continents now (in Japan, the US and the UK). In the UK, Nissan cut the price of the Leaf by by 2,500 British pounds to just 23,490 pounds ($37,115). In January, the company reduced the price of the US Leaf by $6,400 to a base of $28,800. In part because of the lower sticker price, US Leaf sales have more than doubled through April from the same time frame a year earlier, to 5,476 units.

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