Thieves laid down fence to free towed car

Criminals aren't always known for their brains or planning, but these four men ended up looking pretty stupid even by criminal standars. In Randor, PA surveillance cameras captured four men breaking into an impound lot to steal back their own car.

"This is probably Radnor's submission for world's dumbest criminals," Police Superintendent Bill Colarulo told CBS Philly.

The 1999 Dodge Stratus was towed after being illegally parked at an apartment complex. When the owner of the Dodge called Tommy's Main Line Towing at 1 a.m. and found out he'd have to wait a whole seven hours to pick up his vehicle, he and his friends decided to jailbreak the car.

Security cameras captured the men wearing hoodies and masks to hide their identities as they moved around vehicles in an attempt to release the Dodge. The disguises didn't help much considering they were stealing an item with their fearless leader's name and address attached to it.

"I don't know what they were thinking when they were going to steal the car. The cops just looked up the plate number and visited them at their house," Darrell Seshun, manager at Tommy's Main Line Towing told CBS Philly.

The four eventually did get the car out, damaging the tow yards fence in the process. What would have cost the owner $210 in towing fines will now cost a lot more, as all four are facing charges including burglary, theft, criminal trespassing and criminal mischief.

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