It's the end of an era. The Summer X Games have been held in and around downtown Los Angeles for more than 10 years, but the summer of 2013 will be the last appearance for the foreseeable future of the X Games in The City of Angels. For those keeping track, the X Games first took place in Rhode Island, followed by San Diego and San Francisco and then finally Philadelphia before finding a semi-permanent home in LA.

So, where will the Summer X Games be in 2014? That has yet to be decided, with ESPN (which runs the event) announcing a list of potential locations: Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Austin, TX; and Charlotte, NC. Whichever city wins will get a contract with the X Games for three years, meaning there may be another host city in 2017.

According to ESPN, "Detroit has been the most vociferous in its desire to host the games." We'd love to see X Games in Detroit, not that we have any sway over the decision, and you're welcome to watch a teaser video from some Detroit X Games backers down below.

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