Translogic takes post-mortem spin in Carbon Motors E7 police car

It's a shame Carbon Motors seems to be dead on arrival. The company's E7 Police Cruiser is a purpose-built law enforcement vehicle with plenty of well-executed innovations. Rather than slather a civilian vehicle in gear and call it a day, the company engineered the E7 with law enforcement in mind from the very beginning.

Unfortunately, funding dried up before the company could really get its legs under it, and as a result, Carbon Motors has shuttered the E7 program. Before that happened, our friends at Translogic got the chance to ride along in a fully functional version of the cruiser.

Carbon Motors Vice President Stacy Dean Stephens took the time to show off all of the impressive technology available on the E7, from license plate recognition software to infrared cameras, extensive speed detection hardware and even the unique front seats built to accommodate an officer's utility belt. Check out the video below for yourself.

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