The 2013 Nissan Leaf was improved thanks to customer input and, earlier this year, Nissan started building the all-electric car in Tennessee (and, of course, now also in the UK). These two changes helped the world's best-selling EV reach its the best month of US sales ever in March – we look forward to seeing what the April numbers are, which we should be getting in the very near future. We know domestic production reduced costs, since Nissan was happy to tout that angle, but it wasn't until recently that media representatives were allowed inside to see how the company is building the car and battery pack.

We will have a detailed write-up on Nissan's moves in Smyrna, TN for you soon. Until then, you can see the Leaf being built in the time-lapse video below, courtesy of local newspaper, The Tennessean. The audio is not worth listening to, but the images are somehow mesmerizing.

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