Last weekend, Los Angeles' Venice Boulevard was shut down from the beach nearly to downtown for Ciclavia, an event in which cyclists take over one of the city's primary east-west arteries. One of the riders that day was Richie Trimble, who was pedaling from 14.5 feet in the air on a homemade bicycle dubbed Stoopid Tall.

Essentially a Huffy atop some scaffolding, once Trimble took off riding, there was no stopping him, literally, since Stoopid Tall has no brakes (it's too tall to stick a leg out to balance at stops anyhow). As with an oversized load being hauled through the city, Trimble had helpers blocking traffic. Next time, he might want them to take note of bridge heights, too. Check out his ride in the video below.

STOOPIDTALL - CICLAVIA 2013 - LA BIKE CULT from Richie Trimble on Vimeo.

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