Let's get this out of the way right off the bat: We don't know if the video you're about to watch really took place in the wild or if it were staged. That said, this appears to be one of the most alarming bits of road rage we've ever seen captured on video.

Let's set the scene. A motorcyclist is riding along with a good bit of distance between him and the black Nissan Juke in front of him before accelerating to catch up. The Juke driver moves to the left in order to avoid an obstacle in the road, cutting off the motorcyclist in the process, but everyone is fine. No harm, no foul? Hardly.

The motorcyclist falls way back, apparently biding his time and getting ready. Ready for what, you ask? Keep watching – the altercation concludes with an angle grinder, a frightened Juke driver and the loss of one minor appendage that once belonged to said Juke. Finally, a sticker that says 'NTV' is placed on the car's window, a fellow motorist appears to come to the driver's aid and the motorcyclist makes a quick getaway. Craziness.

Scroll down below to see it all unfold on video.

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