A terrifying ride for two pre-teens ended safely after their quick thinking saved them and their father from a potential high-speed crash.

13-year-old Kylah Woody and her 11-year-old brother Michael were passengers in a car heading down the Loop 101 in Phoenix when their father, who was driving, began to fade in and out of consciousness, Fox 10 in Phoenix reported. His foot was solidly on the gas. With the car reaching 90 miles an hour, Michael grabbed the wheel while Kylah called 911.

"I'm in the car with my dad right now and his blood sugar is low and I can't control the car." Kylah told 911 operators.

The 911 operator had to figure out what direction they were heading in while talking the kids through how to slow down the vehicle. She asked them to describe what exits they were passing and kept the Kylah talking to maintain calm.

After traveling at 90 mph for 10 miles, the operator was able to direct the siblings off the freeway and to a complete stop, where an officer was able to take control of the situation. Their father was treated for low blood sugar and is doing fine. Kylah, Michael and the 911 operator were presented with bravery awards by the police department.

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