Protests embroil F1 in Bahrain yet again [w/video]

Law enforcement in Bahrain is once again cracking down on pro-democracy protesters ahead of the upcoming Bahrain Grand Prix. The Formula One race focuses the world's attention on the Middle Eastern kingdom each year, and protesters take the occasion to demonstrate against the ruling family.

This year, human rights organizations cried foul after the government arrested 70 people in a preemptive move to quell unrest. Around 20 people from the Dar Klaib and Shanrakan villages near the Bahrain International Circuit have been detained along with a further 50 individuals from Aldeir and Sameheij closer to the airport.

Some of the detainees are known journalists and photographers, and contrary to the government's hopes, the arrests have seemingly served to fuel the protests. Demonstrators hold that the F1 race lends legitimacy to the current government while the ruling party continues to oppress its people.

You can watch the full news report below for more information. The Bahrain GP is slated to take place on April 21.

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